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So a little while ago a good friend and strong supporter of ours tagged us in a picture of a hat on instagram. We took a look at it and noticed a strong similarity to our logo. The thing that got us the most was the fact that we actually know of the brand that posted the picture. The brand name is ‘Keep It Kush’ who we were introduced to by another close friend of ours that was neighbors to the owner of the brand in school. What was sad is we actually liked some of their stuff till we saw the ‘NEW’ products. They have recently changed a few things and have tried to add a Rx into things. We went back and forth with comments to the owner who after a few comments said “ I will stop the print out of respect” but it is still up. Now just to be clear we under stand that our logo is a universal sign however we own the rights and a few trademarks for them to be used in apparel. So we wanted to write this blog just to inform our patients/fans of things to look out for and to remember where they saw it first. As always we appreciate each and everyone of you guys who keep us informed of things like this. We have had to send out a few cease and desist about a year after we started and I’m sure it won’t be the last of them. Remember guys protect what is yours as well as your ideas and trademarks because there will always be someone trying to take things they could not create on their own. Keep creating originality and build your dreams as big as you want them.

Thanks for the love,

Realize The ILLNESS


Below are a few pictures that were sent to us. You guys can be the judge………

Our hat is on top.





The picture we were originally tagged in.























Site Before:


Site After: Notice the adding of Rx to products as well as into the ‘Medicinole’ shirt design.

    Published: April 19, 2013

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