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Meet FUSIK…… Left to Right : Sanchez,Chip,Felix,Mack and Quinto


We recently got a chance to meet up with our boys FUSIK! They were performing at a newly renovated lounge in Miami called ‘Black Bird Ordinary’ formally known as Transit Lounge. This place set a really nice vibe for what was a dope show. Once Fusik hit the stage they started off with a new Track from their latest album entitled ‘FUSIK III’ and they immediately caught the attention of the crowd. Heads turned and ears opened  while sitting back and jamming to the FUNK of FUSIK. We got our self a copy of the new album and it does not disappoint. It is definitely a variety of sounds and styles mixed up so is a nice change up from their other albums. Once you pop in the album and let it ride its hard to find a favorite  track because of the changes in each track. Be sure to check out and support our boys they have been on the grind for a long time and are always improving their craft. From the very first album we purchased ‘ONLY A FEW ARE SICK’ they have caught our attention and we will continued to support them. We are sure once you guys hear what they are capable of you will get hooked too. Be sure to visit their web site for more info on the band,shows,gear and albums at www.FusikMusik.com


Stay FUNKY FUSIK and keep grinding.


‘Realize The ILLNESS’

    Published: February 21, 2013

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