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 Where do we start? Ruben is a good friend of ours and a creative genius. Not to mention also the creator of our logo. We have known Ruben for quite some time now and although he is on to some new ventures we still try and remain in contact as much as possible. Meeting him years ago in about 2000 through mutual friends was a blessing in disguise. I still remember him asking for a paper and pencil for an idea he had. As I sat back in amazement of how quick he drew up this idea made me instantly realize his talent. Still hope to find that drawing soon to have as an original UBIERA piece.

About a year after meeting Ruben was when he and some friends decided they would start their own Clothing line ‘No Man Excluded’ aka NME. With this urban brand they set out to take over the scene and turn some heads. Ruben being the head designer for the brand gave the brand great urban style and creativity. Being in High School at the time I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to do with myself. I was then approached by Devon one of the owners of NME and was asked to try and sell shirts to kids at school. Now I had always been a hustler by selling candy in school but this was new. I now had to present to my friends and classmates designs and not only hope they would like it but also buy. In doing so and seeing the reaction of creativity in design through selling this brand something sparked. I guess it always stuck in the back of my head and then years later I decided to create my own brand. So thank you Ruben for the inspiration.

Now years later, Ruben continues to inspire with his insane art pieces and art shows. He is an artist to the fullest and if you ever get to attend one of his shows make sure to ask what his art means. He has a reason for each and every detail put into his work. Just to give you and idea of what he is capable of here is his latest piece done at The Mexican Cocina and Tequila Bar in Boca Raton FL.

Be sure to Head over to his Facebook page and become a fan www.facebook.com/RubenUbiera as well as visit his website to get a better feel for him and who he is. www.urbanpopsoul.com

Stay creative everyone!

    Published: January 11, 2013

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