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 Just about every parent tells their child at one point or another ‘Why don’t you go to school for medicine or study to become a Doctor?’ In the end every person will find what they love to do and hopefully work hard at it. Throughout the years the saying goes “Find something you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life”.  Well, with that being said this is what we do and we LOVE it!

 It has been said that we are like the ‘Street Pharmacist’ (in a good way). Established in 2010 PRESCRIPTION UNLIMITED®  (Rx Unltd) is a Medical Themed Brand that Prescribes Clothing with Unlimited Possibilities. We create for the masses and for those who enjoy creativity. Each and every design is different and has a different remedy for your ILLness. We enjoy creating things that catch the eye and start a conversation to bring everyone together. We want everyone to wear our brand with pride knowing that it is truly one of a kind. Being the only Unlimited  Prescription you will ever be able to get makes us unique to our fans. The goal is to make everyone Realize The ILLness as well as their own. Be unique, be different, take risks, and most of all enjoy life. With PRESCRIBED CLOTHING® by us you can always be sure to be different and stand out. Our Refills are endless and we are here to stay. Thank you for the love and support.

                                                                                               REALIZE THE ILLNESS™

Disclaimer: Prescription Unlimited® does not condone the abuse of Prescription drugs or narcotics of any kind. Instead we want to promote an alternative and positive use of the word as a whole. We are also looking forward to working with different medical charities in the near future with donations to their cause.